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Traction rope dog leash

Traction rope dog leash

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1. Your dog enjoys freedom and frees his hands as much as possible. For those who walk with your dog, you won't get bored. Once you don't want to grab the animal's lead, tie it to your waist and untie your hands.
2. This dog leash is made of nylon and elastic waistband for flexibility
3. Elastic elastic waistband, increased reflective strip design, increased visibility in the dark, ensuring the safety of pets and pets
4. When your dog runs too fast, you can lock the rope tightly to avoid losing it.
5. Nickel-plated metal hooks provide good strength and make your pets out of control. Uncomfortable, can keep color for a long time
6. The D-ring on the belt easily accommodates water bottles, waste separators and other small tools. Keep your hands free
7. Jogging. on. All at the same pace as your dog. Help you keep in touch with your pets on walks, errands, etc.

Product specifications:
Colors: green and orange, grey/grey and green, grey/grey and blue, grey/grey and orange, grey/grey and red, blue and red, orange and green, red and blue
Material: Nylon
Features: snap, reflective, adjustable, flexible, easy to use
Type: traction belt, retractable traction belt
Target audience: dog
Used for: daily use, outdoor, sports and training

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