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Pet Dog Portable Water Bottle

Pet Dog Portable Water Bottle

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Description:  Pet Dog Water Bottle Portable Feeder

ABS sink, silicone sealing ring, transparent PC bottle

Deep filtration, environmentally friendly material, safe and waterproof, practical anti-fall, suitable for a variety of dogs, safe and healthy, safe and comfortable, outdoors, rest assured

Intimate design, twist and open / lock water, eliminating the need to open the lid and pour water, straight drink cup design, twist water. Free the other hand to take care of the dog, taking into account the convenience of the owner and the safety of the dog.

Activated carbon filter, activated carbon can clean impurities and residual chlorine in water, without directly drinking tap water
Or precipitation of organic pollutants and rust in water after boiling water has cooled

Size: 230 * 70mm

Capacity: 250 ml

Material: ABS cap

PC Transparent bottle

Filtration: coconut shell activated carbon

Color: blue, purple, pink, green



STEP1: the love key icon is indicated vertically on the unlocking button to unlock and press the water.

STEP2: the love key icon is composed to the right to lock the lock and the water safety.


It is recommended to wash with lukewarm water. It is not allowed to be cleaned at a temperature above 80 °. Do not wash it in thedishwasher.

When locking, do not press too hard to avoid damaging the lock leak.

Do not put milk, juice, drinks, etc.

Package Included:
1 * pet drinking cup  

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